Financial support –¬†workers

Gospel Students proclaims Jesus Christ at Griffith University, to present everyone mature in Him.

Would you please consider financially partnering with this gospel work?


The Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students employs Bible teachers and evangelists to serve with Gospel Students. Your financial support sustains these Bible teachers and evangelists, freeing them up to spend their time teaching the Bible on campus, and proclaiming the gospel.

You are able to directly support one of the workers below. Your contribution is then tagged to them personally, You are able to direct your financial support to a particular campus. Your contribution is then tagged to that campus, which helps to cover the wages of the workers on that campus.



To direct support towards the evangelists and Bible teachers directly.

Support Elle Bryce @ Mt Gravatt Campus & Conservatorium of Music


Support Izaac Cowling @ Nathan Campus


Support Geoff Tacon @ Mt Gravatt & Nathan Campuses


Support Katharine Yock @ Mt Gravatt Campus


Support Peter Yock @ Conservatorium of Music


I am a graduate of Griffith, I studied a Bachelor of Animation with Honours. Now, I’ve joined the Gospel Students team and am looking forward to an exciting, challenging, and fruitful couple of years of sharing the salvation message of Jesus Christ on Campus :)

Elle Bryce

Evangelist and Bible Teacher, Conservatorium & Mt Gravatt

I serve at Griffith University (Brisbane and Logan campuses) where I get to talk to people about the love of God shown in Jesus. I’m married to Sarah, and we have two children.

Izaac Cowling

Evangelist and Bible Teacher, Nathan

I’m thrilled to have been given the grace of being a preacher of the gospel! Although I haven’t seen Jesus Christ yet, I love him, and am longing for his return! Come, Lord Jesus!

Geoffrey Tacon

Evangelist and Bible Teacher, Mt Gravatt & Nathan

Over at, Katharine describes herself as “Women’s staffworker”. In that¬†same vein, she cuts to the chase on campus, calls it as it is, declaring forgiveness from God and Jesus as Lord, in the marvellous gospel of Christ.

Katharine Yock

Evangelist and Bible Teacher, Mt Gravatt Campus

I studied guitar performance at Southern Cross University in Lismore under the great teacher Jim Kelly. For 4 years I threw myself into guitar – much as I had for my life so far – in the hope that I would make it as a professional musician. But there at Uni I was confronted with the gospel of Jesus, via the AFES group. There I realised that guitar was the centre of my life, but Jesus was a far better option. Now, I get the chance to help other musos make the same Copernican Revolution I had.

Peter Yock

Evangelist and Bible Teacher, Conservatorium of Music