What to expect?

Visiting Gospel Students for the first time can seem like a daunting step.

So what can you expect?

When you visit Gospel Students you’ll find a warm welcome from a range of students who are just like you: Some will be Christian, some will be investigating Jesus for the first time, others will be merely curious.

You don’t need to be good, religious, or have it all together to attend. Just show up. Everyone is welcome.

In our meetings we study the Bible to learn more about the gospel of the crucified Lord Jesus Christ.

There is momentous news from God! Through Jesus Christ crucified, God forgives our sins. Through submission to him as Lord, we are able to draw near to God: from rebellion against God, into eternal fellowship with him.

Our Bible Talks are held at Nathan and Mt Gravatt, and feel similar to many of your regular university lectures; they are in a lecture theatre in the normal lecture time of 50 minutes, and you can stay for as little or long as you like. A section of the Bible is read followed by teaching on that text.

Our Bible Study Groups are on all campuses, and feel more like a study group or a tutorial. Here we read part of the Bible and learn about Jesus by asking questions alongside some directed discussion. You can contribute as much or as little as you feel comfortable.

We invite you to come and join with us to discover for yourself the momentous news about the Lord Jesus Christ. Just turn up! Everyone is welcome.

Gospel Students